Who is “Dr.” Keith Crosby? In reality, Keith Crosby is no one of consequence. He is a servant of Jesus Christ, who came to faith during his years in the resort/hospitality business and left industry to go into full time vocational ministry. Keith obtained a Masters in Divinity in 2003 in pastoral ministry from The Master’s Seminary and his Doctorate in Expository preaching in 2015 from the same seminary. He’s been married to Terilyn since 1990, with two grown daughters, Grace and Anna. His daughter, Grace is married to son-in-law Ivan (she has a neat blog of her own here). Believe us, it’s worth a look, she was almost killed in 2016 and it chronicles what will be a 2 - 5 year recovery process. Keith’s daughter Anna works (surprise) in the tech industry right here in Silicon Valley. Anyway, Keith is the lead pastor at Hillside Church in South San Jose, California. His ministry began there in 2016 a little over 2 years ago. Welcome to this blog. Welcome to our broadcast. If Keith can be of service to you email me at keith@hillside.org. You can also reach Keith using the form below. God bless you and ‘welcome aboard!’


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